inspiring counsellors, healers, facilitators & therapists
to create their dream business, supported by creative strategies
and ethical income streams

Summer 2022 ~ a brand new website!

Offering you a blank canvas to evaluate where you are now, explore what you dream of achieving ... we encourage you to open your eyes, mind and heart to the wonders of what is possible.

We specialise in demystifying social media and strategy, helping you to refine and rebalance your online presence while opening up your eyes to opportunities beyond the traditional 1:1 servicing of clients, in a way that inspires and energises you.  

1:1 offerings
- Genie-Us coaching sessions (90 minutes)
- Mapping Your Practice (in-depth strategy and coaching sessions, with tailored reports and creative action plans, designed with you to grow and future-proof your business)   

 Group offerings
- Creative Synergy: sparkle and shine with social media workshop (3.5 hours, live)
- From Business Burnout to Finding Blissness In Your Business (4 week self-paced programme)
- Creatively Envision Your Practice (14 weeks self-paced programme)
- Simple StraTEAgenie workshops (2 hours, live): ‘Be blog-happy’, ‘Connecting the social media dots’, and ‘ZoomBuddy’    

Workbook & journal offerings
- Purpose-full: love your business, love your life
- Journal your way to your dream life, business and income  
...  and more!

Callie Di Nello has worked as an integrative therapist, healer and coach since 2007 in private practice, and has 20+ years of practical experience in social media training and media/PR coordination, VA support and website design. She is a superfan of the NewZenler LMS platform.